On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about StoreVan commercial vehicle furnishings. If your question is not listed, please contact us at t. 088 1301 400 (working days from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

'Can I also order from StoreVan as a private individual?'
Yes, of course. We supply commercial vehicle equipment to both individuals and companies. You can contact StoreVan for a single commercial vehicle interior.

'Does StoreVan also have offers for commercial vehicle interiors?'
Yes. Via this link you will find our offers.

"Where can I find more information about StoreVan products?"
You can do this on our website via this page . Or contact us on tel. 088 1301 400.

'Does StoreVan also have accessories for commercial vehicle interiors?'
Yes, we supply more than 4000 accessories. You can find it here .

'How many years of warranty do I have on StoreVan?'
With us you get no less than 8 years warranty on your commercial vehicle equipment.

'Where can I find commercial vehicle equipment for Citroen?'
We have online brochures for your commercial vehicle equipment for Citroen commercial vehicles. See here .

"Does StoreVan also have fittings for Dacia commercial vehicles?"
Yes, of course. The standard solutions can be found in our online brochure . Prefer a custom solution? Call 088 1301 400 or email info@mystorevan.nl.

'I'm looking for a commercial vehicle interior for a Ford commercial vehicle.'
Then you are at the right place. StoreVan supplies standard modules for Ford commercial vehicles . Prefer a custom solution? You will receive a design with a quote from us within 24 hours.

"How long is StoreVan's delivery time?"
Approximately 15 working days (excluding holiday period, public holidays, etc.).

'Within what period will I receive a tailor-made offer from StoreVan?'
We will send you a customized quote within 24 hours (on working days)!

'Do you digitally register the in-vehicle equipment?'
Yes, of course. Our CAD program gives you a realistic picture of reality. We draw your commercial vehicle interior in your commercial vehicle with millimeter precision, so that you know exactly what the interior will do for you.

'Does StoreVan also have fittings for Fiat commercial vehicles?'
Yes, of course. If you are looking for a standard solution, you will find it in our online folder . We are also happy to make a custom design for you. You will receive this in your mailbox within 24 hours (on working days) after request.

'I need a van racking system for a Hyundai van.'
At StoreVan we have various vehicle modules for Hyundai commercial vehicles. The standard solutions can be found here , but you can also contact us for a custom design.

'Does StoreVan also have equipment for commercial vehicles of the Iveco brand?' Of course! The standard solutions can be found here . Contact us for a quote and custom design.

'I drive a Mercedes Benz commercial vehicle and am looking for commercial vehicle equipment for it.'
Then you have come to the right place at StoreVan. Online you will find our PDF with standard options. Would you rather have a customized design quoted? Contact us.

'Is there a StoreVan van racking system for a Nissan commercial vehicle?'
Yes, of course. We have various solutions for Nissan commercial vehicles. The standard vehicle modules can be found here , for a customized design please contact us. You will receive a quote from us within 24 hours.

'Does StoreVan have a commercial vehicle interior for the Opel Vivaro?' Of course! But we also have vehicle modules for other Opel commercial vehicles. View the standard solutions here or contact us for a custom design.

'I want to purchase a Peugeot commercial vehicle, can StoreVan take care of the furnishing?'
Of course. We can supply a standard commercial vehicle interior, but we can also make custom interiors. It is best to contact us for this.

'Does StoreVan supply commercial vehicle equipment for Renault commercial vehicles?'
Yes we do. Both standard solutions and tailor-made solutions.

"I want interior design for my Toyota commercial vehicle."
No problem. The standard vehicle modules can be found here . Would you prefer a custom design? Then please contact us.

'I'm looking for a commercial vehicle interior for my Volkswagen commercial vehicle.'
Then you have come to the right place at StoreVan. View the standard vehicle modules on our website , or request a customized quote.

'Does StoreVan also have a webshop?' Yes, of course. Would you like to order a customized commercial vehicle interior or are you looking for a interior that is not in the webshop ? Then we advise you to contact us, this is just as fast as ordering online!

'Can I use Whatsapp with StoreVan?'
Yes, you can do that via the number 06 491 434 22 . Put us in your contacts!